Teacher Asks Kids to Bring School Supplies to Her Funeral, rather than Flowers

Tammy Waddell was an amazing elementary teacher who worked at the Forsyth County School for 30 years before she passed away after a long fight with colon cancer.

In her final days, this dedicated and loving teacher had one last request from her students.

She asked from them to bring backpacks full of school supplies to her funeral rather than flowers.

She wanted these supplies to be used as donations for the children who need them the most. She will never be forgotten, say the staff, the students, and their parents.

Her Last Wish Was Fulfilled-Her Son Was Proud

A spokesman for the funeral home, Paul Holbrook, said that on the day of Waddell’s funeral, they received around 130 backpacks full of school supplies.

These supplies would suffice students for at least half of a school year.

A spokesperson for the school, Jennifer Caracciolo, described Waddell as a servant leader who loved kids. This generous donation in her memory is one touching tribute, she added.

And, the backpacks kept coming in.

Kevin Waddell, Tammy’s son, said that one of the parts he loved the most about his mom the most was her passion for teaching. And, this passion inspired him to also pursue the same career.

He says how his mother lived her life by loving others and rarely worried about attention-all she focused on was spreading love. Users on social media loved what this teacher and school did.

”A Story that Touches the Soul of Humanity”

One user wrote how Waddell was a true educator from beginning to the end-she considered this act absolutely wonderful and a real blessing.

Another one was moved by this selfless and amazing act of this teacher’s heart.

Waddell’s cousin, Brad Johnson wrote that his cousin was special by how much she loved and cared for her students.

As many of her colleagues said, she was always ready to hug the student in need or giving them the needed supplies. And, he said she was an inspiration to many, including himself.

He believes that the photos of the backpacks in the church went viral because this is a story that touches the soul of humanity.