App Lets You Buy Leftovers from Favorite Restaurants: Saves 150K Meals a Day Globally

A new service app is providing its loyal users with the chance to pay reduced rates and rescue restaurant food before it heads for the garbage.

The Too Good To Go app allows its users to collect a bag of almost wasted, but perfectly good food as a takeaway.

The goal is to cut food waste and show support for the restaurant industry.

Unlike other similar apps that gives customers the chance to pick which items they want saved, this one provides only bags of whatever food is available.

The Too Good To Go App Shows the Serious Food Waste Problem in America

The promising app was among the several winners of the Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Award. Unfortunately, they report that 40 percent of the food in America goes to the waste.

Although it’s not possible to know the amount of food that ends in our landfills, it’s possible to know how many meals have been prevented going there through this app.

Currently available in only several cities in America, they’ve sold 200,000 meals that were hours away from the waste.

And, around 1500 restaurants have joined, including ones from New York, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles.

Cutting Emissions & Helping Restaurants

Currently present in 15 countries, the app helps 150,000 orders to go out of the door on a daily, through a user base of 37 million individuals.

This is definitely a huge number of saved food. This app helps restaurants because it’s almost impossible to predict what will remain on the end of a night.

And, by removing them from landfills where these foods would decompose and release methane, they help reduce the negative effects on the climate and planet.

The co-founder of the app, Lucie Basch, said that she believes they can save more than 2 million meals in the US in 2021 or thousands of tons of emissions reduced.

We really hope apps like this will only grow and help us tackle the issue of food waste globally.