Folks in New Jersey Are Caring for more than 800 Baby Turtles Rescued from Storm

Residents of New Jersey stepped up to save more than 800 baby turtle hatchlings.

In a post on social media, the Stockton University said that their vivarium is currently caring for hundreds of diamondback terrapin hatchlings after a group of people pulled them from a storm drains.

We definitely need to be happy that people like this exist!

Group of Good Samaritans Saves 800 Turtle Hatchlings from Storm Drain

These hatchlings hid from the winter temperatures in Ocean City underground in their nest chambers, the school also explained. And, they survived for months of their yolk sacs.

Some of the rescuers regularly checked out for young turtles crossing the streets in spring because it can be challenging for them to get up the curb.

The rescuers first saw the turtles in the storm drain looking for creatures needing help. Amazingly, these people even customized a scooper using a telescopic aquarium net they attached to a bamboo pole.

What Is the Plan to Help these Turtles?

They are very pleased with how their invention works. They used it to remove the turtles safely from the drains. After saving them, they took them to the Stockton Vivarium.

The staff there has a plan to rehabilitate them over the next year and then release them into the wild, in collaboration with the Wetlands University.

Interestingly, they already care for 1,108 terrapin hatchlings and it’s now reached full capacity with the new arrivals.