Kroger Store Gives Job to a Homeless Woman Who Spent Days Sleeping on their Parking Lot

This Kroger grocery store in Nashville hired a homeless woman who was sleeping on their parking lot in her car for a whole year.

The woman, LaShenda Williams, said she was struggling with drug addiction and had to sleep in her car at the parking because this was all she had.

She said she would lean her seat all the way back so that no one could see her as she wasn’t supposed to be there.

Kroger’s Manager Encourages Williams to Get a Job

Jackie Vandal, the manager of the Kroger store, noticed that Williams was sleeping in her car. After approaching her, she advised her to come to an upcoming job fair.

Williams came to the fair and Vandal helped her fill out the application online. When Vandal saw that Williams fulfilled the application, she hired her right away.

She’s been working there from December last year and with the help of Kroger employees and other community leaders, she also has a roof over her head.

Vandal says that she’s a wonderful worker and she wishes she had 120 like her.

She Has Brought so much Joy to Her Kroger Family & the Community

Melissa Eads, the corporate affairs manager at Kroger Nashville Division says that they’re lucky to have her in their Kroger family. They say her uplifting spirit is contagious and that she made a tremendous impact on everyone in her team and on customers too.

For Williams, it’s not hard at all to be enthusiastic about life after all that she’s been through. She recalls sleeping on a parking lot and struggling to find food.

Now, she explains, all of her colleagues love her and no one abuses her or calls her names. It’s heartwarming to finally have peace, she adds.


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