Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience: You can Do Yoga with Horses on Indonesian Beaches

As any equestrian out there will tell you, there’s something magical about the connection between a man and a horse.

And, one Indonesian hotel, NIHI Sumba, perfectly proves this.

Namely, the renowned hotel which is just an hour from Bali is the home to a professional equestrian facility and provides horse whispering and horse surfing programs that will help you have the vacation of a lifetime.

According to the hotel’s official statement, horses are very intelligent, majestic creatures that have a major role in the Sumbanese culture and human therapy work throughout the world.

Moreover, horses have been used for their therapeutic properties since ancient times when the Greek physician Hippocrates wrote about the benefits of horseback riding.

Nihiwatu’s Wild Beach: the Best Place to Experience Horses’ Therapeutic Power

Every morning, the hotel releases the horses from the stables and they gallop freely on the beach and dip in the sea to cool off.

This year, the hotel has been inviting their guests to see this amazing experience and experience what it’s like to be part of the herd.

If interested, you can join in on horse whispering with Carol Sharpe. She will teach you how to soften your steps and be absorbed by horses’ soothing nature and innate wisdom.

Regardless of whether you’re a horse lover or simply a lover of all animals and nature, this experience will open your eyes to the unique beauty of the wild residents of Sumba.

The hotel also organizes groundwork and riding experiences and helps teach their guests about leadership in riding so that they can improve their relationship with animals.

The hotel explains that there’s nothing similar to the feeling of commanding an animal’s respect and the advantages for humans are numerous, including lower blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.

Yoga with the Horses Is also Available at this Amazing Hotel

Moreover, the guests of the hotel who’re into yoga can join in on a yoga-meets-riding experience.

The group is guided on a gentle yoga class while on a horse on a nearby beach with the soft sounds of the waves crashing and lulling them into a relaxed state.

To stay a night in this hotel, you’ll have to prep your budget-the stays begin at $3265 for two people in a villa or $1632 per person per night on a minimum three-night stay.

For this price, you will get an equine groundwork and riding session, one yoga session, one session of swimming with horses, a beach ride, three daily meals, and other activities not related to the horses.

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