Teen Raises $38,000 by Cutting Off His 19-inch Afro & Donated the Money to Help Children with Cancer

Ever since Kieran Moise was a kid, he stood out from the rest with his hair- an impressive Afro that remained high and wide above his head until he couldn’t have it anymore.

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In the last six years, he didn’t cut the impressive curls at all. But, when the time came to cut it, it was because he joined the US Air Force Academy.

The 17-year-old decided that if his hair couldn’t be big any longer, at least the cutting event can be. He invited the community in Huntsville, Alabama to watch him cut his curls in a  fundraiser aimed at raising money to help children with cancer. 

Amazingly, hundreds of people took part and he managed to raise $38,000 with his haircut!

A Boy with a Very Big Heart, Says His Family

According to his mom, Kelly Moise, Kieran has always had a huge heart. He decided that if he was going to cut his hair, it should be in a way that would help everyone. 

When he was in eighth grade, Kieran lost his close friend to cancer so he wanted this fundraiser to be used for two causes; one is to raise money and the other to donate the curls to be used for wigs for children who’ve lost their hair because of cancer. 

Boy Cuts Afro Hair to Help Children Fighting Cancer

The boy set a goal of raising $1000 per inch of his Afro and then donated them to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

The curls were neatly packed and sent to Children with Hair Loss-a a non-profit from Michigan that supplies children and young adults with human hair wigs if they’ve lost hair because of medical reasons. 

A Bright Career Is in Front of Kieran

Currently, in the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, the boy isn’t allowed to communicate with the outside world for some time. But, his family is hopeful that his story will be an inspiration to others to follow suit.

His mom says Kieran wanted people to know that if he can donate his hair, anyone can. Our small act of kindness, she says, can mean the world to others. 

When the boy was born in 2003, his parents recall, he had a beautiful head full of hair and this has been something everyone noticed first about him. Wherever he went, he was the “boy with the big hair”. 

His dad supported Kieran when he told him he’s thinking of donating the hair someday to help children who’ve lost theirs because of cancer therapy. He loves his son’s compassion and a need to give back.

Kieran said that even though cutting his afro meant losing a part of his personality, he also gained something.