Dad Outraged After Teacher Cut His Daughter’s Hair without Permission

This father from Mount Pleasant was outraged after finding out that the staff at his daughter’s school cut his 7-year-old daughter’s hair without any permission.

Jimmy Hoffmeyer said that this incident happened before the latest spring break. When he went into the school to talk with someone, he was as confused as when he saw his daughter.

The worried dad said that his daughter got three haircuts that week, believe it or not! One was from another student, one was from an actual hairstylist, and the third was from her teacher. The last one sent the child home in tears and her family demanding answers.

Why Was this Girl’s Hair Cut in School without Family’s Permission?

The dad said that he’s still waiting for an explanation about how his daughter Jurnee who was sent to school with a head full of hair came home missing most of her beautiful locks. The first cut, as the dad claims, was made by another student while on a bus ride home.

The dad said he chalked it up because it was just a kid and they weren’t thinking of anything serious involving a child. He took his daughter to the hair salon that day. The girl had a little shorter area, but still had most of her hair.

The next day when the girl came from school, she was missing hair again, but this time, much more. The girl said that this time, her hair wasn’t cut by another kid, but by her teacher.

He said how his daughter felt embarrassed after this cut and that she had to go back to class without her hair.

The dad contacted the school several times to find out the truth and why would a teacher do this without permission. But he claims no one has yet answered these questions.

Although he said that they apologized, the school doesn’t want to tell him what happened exactly on the bus and in the school.

The Family Decides to Transfer the Girl to another School

The girl’s family explains that they would like the school to own up to their responsibilities. They were asking for a public apology, which hasn’t happened yet.

Jurnee is now transferred to another school. The superintendent of Mount Pleasant Public Schools didn’t return calls to give answers about the incident. The school board had a meeting schedule and the dad plans to attend it, hoping to get the needed answers.