Group of Police Officers Buys New Fridge & Groceries for these Elderly Women in Need

This Texas police chief is proud of his staff after they all worked together to help deliver a new fridge and groceries to an elderly woman in need.

The Seguin police officer Dustin Kincade recently visited the woman’s home after they got a call asking officers to check up on the woman. When Kincade arrived, he got to talk to the woman for a bit and listened to her troubles.

He said how she told him that her fridge broke down and that she’s on a fixed income and doesn’t know how she will fix it or buy groceries for the next week.

Kincade knew he had to do something and help this woman in need. Luckily, he knew who to call!

Police Officers from Seguin Police Station Help Elderly Woman in Need

When Kincade reached out to his colleagues, they rose above the challenge. He explains how he was blown away by the amazing response he received from the staff at Seguin Police Department.

He thought they would get on this and maybe be able to buy her a fridge and some food by next week.

But, believe it or not, by the end of the day, they already had a new fridge and enough funds to purchase the woman some much-needed groceries.

And, the chief of the police station, Terry Nichols, took it to Facebook to “brag” a bit about his staff.

He wrote:

“Opportunity to brag…by a proud Chief! There are so many SPD employees, both sworn and non-sworn, who gave their personal time and money to help out this lovely lady who needed a hand to name. However, those in this photo were there to deliver the fridge and fresh food on 7/15 to a very grateful resident. Thank you, officer Kincaid, for stepping up and organizing this generous effort!”

Kincade’s generous effort won’t stop anytime soon. He’s planning to stay in touch with the lovely lady whom he has befriended.

He explains that she doesn’t have a lot of people to talk to, so he’s going to try his best to visit her at least once per week. Kincade added that they’ve forged a friendship and it didn’t take them long either!