Popular Guitarist Says Goodbye to His Music-Loving Dog Companion Maple

A dog is a man’s best friend and there’s nothing truer for the popular guitarist Trench. His canine companion Maple has been there for him for the last 12 years.

Throughout the years, Trench shared the most adorable videos of himself playing covers for Maple on his guitar and the sweetest pup seemed moved by every note.

Sadly, Maple passed away peacefully in June, so Trench made the most heartwarming tribute to her.

He shared a previously-recorded video of him playing What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong which shows the happy Maple resting her head on his lap.

The Wonderful Story of Acoustic Trench & Lovely Maple

Trench adopted Maple from a shelter 12 years ago and he says it was love at first sight. The first time they met, she immediately tackled him and leaped into his arms, wagging her tail so much and smiling with a face full of love.

The amazing duo went on so many adventures together and Trench says she was always there for him, showing her unconditional love through the hardest times.

Trench, a pro fingerstyle guitarist, also plays the kalimba and the harp. Kalimba is an African instrument with a wooden soundboard and metal keys. He first began playing music for Maple when he tried to calm her down during thunderstorms and fireworks.

He wrote in an emotional goodbye post how she would lay beside him with her head in his lap, listening to the sounds of the guitar until she fell asleep.

In the goodbye video, Maple’s love for Louis Armstrong is clear, but this beloved dog was also a fan of different types of music. From Jimi Hendrix to a kalimba rendition of Here Comes the Sun, the pair has shared unforgettable unique musical moments together.

Every video on their social media pages perfectly captures the pure and unconditional love shared by the two. Maple was always by his side and looked up to him in admiration as he plucked the strings.

According to Trench, he loved nothing more than to play for Maple every day and feels beyond lucky to have had her in his life.

Below, check out the emotional goodbye tribute video:

Goodbye sweet Maple, safe travels!




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