The Best Cooling Herbs to Enjoy in Late Summer

It’s summer and it’s very hot. The extreme heat is taking a toll on us-with many people feeling tired, struggling with headaches, or even worse-sweating through your shirts before lunchtime is very common.

But, wait for a second; before you get up and turn up the A/C (and also your carbon footprint and electricity bill), check out these amazing naturally-cooling herbs and how you can use them to fight off the heat.

The Best Herbs to Cool Down in Late Summer


Thanks to the menthol in it, this herb has amazing cooling properties. If you’ve ever drunk water after chewing mint, you’ll know that cooling feeling, right?

Thanks to menthol’s cooling properties, your airways will dilate and your sinuses will open up.

This will help you take in more oxygen. Peppermint also energizes the body. Since heat can reduce your energy and live you tired, peppermint is great to trigger the nervous system and wake it up.

Peppermint also has stunning anti-inflammatory properties. It can therefore be used to alleviate sunburns and heat rash. It will reduce the swelling and redness, but may also relieve the pain thanks to its anesthetic properties.


Rich in numerous cooling properties, this herb is a must during summer. It’s packed with antioxidants that will help you fight off UV-caused stress.

It’s also able to reduce thirst and dehydration. When you steep it, it’s refreshing, tart, and hits the right spots. If you tend to bloat, hibiscus is a great choice because it will help you remove the surplus water you’ve been holding onto.


This unique herb has both cooling and warming properties. It’s praised for its anti-inflammatory power and it calms down the body, emotionally and physically.

Thanks to its aromatherapeutic characteristics, its scent is known to lower mental stress and is helpful in dispersing body heat which is pivotal when trying to soothe sunburns.

When topically applied, this herb will cool you down, but also decrease redness and puffiness.


Basil has amazing health benefits. It’s used in Chinese medicine and is praised for improving heat imbalance in the body. Its antioxidant properties can help calm down the body and fight off free radicals that trigger aging caused by excessive sun exposure.

And, you’ll love its aromatic properties: they will calm down your nervous system and the whole body!


Chamomile is the ultimate soothing herb. It helps you fall asleep faster and it may also help you cool down the body. This is in some part a result of its antispasmodic properties that relax the muscles.

During heat, we tend to tense our muscles; chamomile will help us relax, loosen the body, and expel the heat. Chamomile isn’t just awesome for relieving physical stress, but it can also help you relax the nervous system since heat tends to make us irritable and stressed.

When you apply it topically onto the skin, it will cool you down and help you unwind.  




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