Waste Collection Agency Finds $25,000 in Discarded Freezer & Returns Money to Owners

This family in Ohio’s Lorain County helped out their grandma clean her house and accidentally threw away $25,000 worth of cash in the trashcan.

Luckily for the family, their local waste collection agency sifted through a lot of garbage and found the cash.

Gary Capan, the operations supervisor at the agency Republic Services, said how his team helped the unnamed family find their grandma’s savings.

Capan explained that the family was cleaning their grandma’s house and threw away all the garbage, grabbed the freezer stuff, and put it in a trash bag.

In the meantime, the grandma told them how there was an envelope with $25,000 in the freezer and that they shouldn’t lose it. The family was shocked and called the waste collection agency right away!

Waste Collection Agency Helps the Family Find Discarded Cash

Capan and his team managed to find the driver who collected the waste from the family’s home before he took the trash to the landfill. They diverted the truck to a local center for recycling.

Capan said how the money wouldn’t be found if the driver hadn’t been contacted before getting the vehicle to the landfill. This is because the bulldozers there flatten the trash and drop piles of dirt on it in a “non-stop process” after the unloading.

The family got lucky thanks to the amazing workers who jumped into a pile of six tons of waste to look for their money. Eventually, they took out the cash from the heap.

Dan Schoewe, the recycling center operations manager, said that it took them some 10 minutes and recalls the workers being happy that they’ve found the money.

The loss would’ve certainly stung for the Ohio family if it hadn’t been for these kind workers who didn’t hesitate for a moment to sift through a pile of waste to help them out!