Actor Dave Bautista Adopts Abused Puppy & Offers $5,000 to Find the “Sick Piece of S**t” Who Harmed Her

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay recently shared photos of a cute, 3-month-old Pitbull puppy named Sage (later renamed into Penny) who had been abused.

The sweet pupper was brought in by a “good Samaritan” who discovered her eating waste near a cemetery with a metal chain around her neck, wrapped tightly.

Unfortunately, she also had skin problems and overgrown nails and was in a lot of pain. Despite her struggles, her sweet and gentle character shone through and she was more than glad to be rescued.

The Heartwarming Rescue of 3-Month-Old Pitbull Sage

Sage was wagging her tail during vet exams and the vets were shocked because they couldn’t grasp their minds around why someone would do this to her.

Luckily, she made a full recovery, but people online were shocked by what happened. One of those people who wanted to offer his help was a former wrestler and Marvel movie star Dave Bautista.

Bautista decided to adopt Sage and also offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who will share the whereabouts of the people who abused Sage. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay upped the offer with $1,500 and the Alvarez Injury Law matched Bautista’s sum of $5,000.

The total reward amount is $11,500. For Bautista, it’s unimaginable to hurt something so innocent and pure as a puppy. So, he explains that the people who could do something like this are the lowest form of humans: pure evil.

Sage Gets a New Name & a New Life

Even though Sage’s abusers remain unknown, Bautista recently shared a bit more about how his new, four-legged friend is living. The puppy became Penny Bautista and he introduced her to his followers on Instagram.

She’s healed and recovered and will never be abused again, he emphasized.

He also added that she’ll now have the time of her life and a forever home. Penny is living with Bautista and has two canine siblings, that is, Bautista’s two other Pit bulls, Ollie and Maggie.

If you have any info about what happened to Penny and who might have harmed her, please contact the Humane Society of Tampa Bay or Safe K9 Tampa!




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