Boys Hop Off their Bikes to Pay Respects during Veteran’s Funeral

Two Indiana boys are being praised all over the internet after they stopped their bikes to honor a military veteran during a funeral procession.

Jacqi Hornbach caught the heartwarming moment during the procession for the 89-year-old Charles Everett Yorn.

Hornback explained in her post that the boys were riding their bikes when they saw the funeral. They stopped right away and got off their bikes to give respect as TAPS played.

Horbach also said how she felt were proud of the boys and added that their parents should be too. She said how she’s sure that the serviceman was in heaven and smiling down on them!

Boys Hop-Off their Bikes to Pay Respects to a Veteran Being Buried

The heartwarming photo she took and shared on social media shows the two boys with their arms behind their back, standing in respect. Hornback says that it looked like they didn’t even have to discuss it before doing it. They just knew it and it came naturally, she explained.

She also felt inclined to stand up and show her respect too after she saw the boys. They also did the gun salute and then jumped back onto their bikes and went on their way.

Interestingly, one of the veteran’s granddaughters, Kendra Yorn Pierson, saw the post from the boys and wrote that this was her grandpa’s funeral and thanked the two boys.

This emotional post also elicited a response from the family members of the boys. Sean Moody and Edgar Barajas identified the boys as their sons, Cristiano Barajas and Lane Moody. For Sean Moody, seeing his 8-year-old boy in the photo left him “totally amazed”.

Moody also said that he knows that Cristiano’s parents are very proud too, as they all are.

Although she had thoughts about posting the image first, she decided to do it with all of the negative things happening. She thought people needed to see this wonderful moment.

And, we can’t agree more! Thank you for sharing this special moment with us, we’re sure these boys will grow up into amazing and kind adults.