School Faculty Surprise Custodian with a Car so He no Longer Has to Walk to Work

In a heartwarming gesture, the teaching staff from a school in the US went the extra mile to help their custodian. The video from the custodian deeply moved by their amazing gesture recently went viral.

The custodian, one Chris Jackson, works at the Unity Grove Elementary in Henry County in Georgia. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he was presented with a car that his colleagues bought for him.

The staff was aware that Jackson had financial struggles and walked to work every day so they decided to gather the money and purchase him a vehicle.

I Never Dreamed of Something Like This, Said Jackson

In the video that made this story viral, Jackson is seen being brought to his new car and handed the keys. He said how he never even dreamed of such a thing and that it’s a mind-blowing experience for him.

He couldn’t stop thanking the staff over and over again.

The school staff said how the teachers gathered the necessary funds to buy the car, but also help Jackson find suitable housing and pay for the utility bills. Surprisingly, they even managed to buy him his favorite type of car, which they had no idea!

Jackson has had difficult times and had to travel by bus or take an hour-long walk to his job. This sweet gesture happened recently with many US schools reopening.

Despite the struggles, this amazing man didn’t quit. He said that he never ran away, but stayed and put his pride aside. And, when he comes to work, he smiles and tries to be kind.

The school staff says that there isn’t a day when Jackson doesn’t wear a smile on his face and added the children love him. For many people online who commented on the viral video, this move is a wonderful gesture that reaffirmed their faith in humanity.