Who Needs Plastic Cups when You Can Serve Delicious Ice Cream in Banana Leaves

Erik Solheim is a Norwegian diplomat who shared a photo of an ice cream cup made from banana leaves and the internet was very fond of the idea. He saw the photo elsewhere and was amazed by the idea.

This type of ice cream cup is an effort to reduce plastic waste and it’s the idea of a non-profit organization Initiative United North East. They also made bamboo spoons rather than regular plastic single-use ones.

They say it’s a great way to begin the fight against plastic waste and their initiative has gone viral.

Banana Leaf Cup: Amazing Eco-Friendly Initiative

The image that went viral shows the green leaf cup holding a pink-colored ice cream. The image also has a bamboo spoon. The caption says “ice cream served in a banana leaf cup with a bamboo spoon”.

And, the Norwegian diplomat seemed to like this idea a lot. In fact, he shared it on his official Twitter and applauded the organization. He wrote it’s a “green inspiration” in a bid to salute the effort the Indian organization made.

What’s more, in his caption, he also said how this photo is a clear example that we don’t need plastic as much as we think we do.

Since the uploading, the image got more than 3K likes. People commented in the section, most of them applauding the initiative. One user wrote that he’s seen this in some other places too.

However, another person said that we also don’t need ice cream as much as we think we do. At the current rate, he said, it would only take several months to cut all of the banana plants on a farm. So, instead of ice cream, he encouraged others to reach for a banana!

Plenty of users also shared their photos of the food they’ve eaten and that’s been served on leaves.

What do you think about this idea? Would you eat ice cream from this alternative, natural type of cup?