Floating Wind Farm Could Help Power 80,000 Homes

Norway’s Wind Catching Systems have released a new concept which changes how we think about wind farms.

This floating power grid consists of 100 small, multi-rotor turbines which the company claims are to produce sufficient energy to power 80,000 homes in Europe.

This company was founded in 2017 and their claim is definitely impressive.

Floating Wind Farm to Power 80,000 Homes in Europe

According to the renderings, the grid stands at more than 1000 feet tall and sits atop platforms anchored in the floor of the ocean. The platforms, used by the oil and gas industries, are made secure and have a small impact on the environment.

Only five grids can make energy 25 times more than that produced by traditional wind turbines.

One disadvantage of wind farms is their massiveness; however, the Wind Catching Systems’ grid mitigates this through its compact design.

Namely, thanks to the small size of the individual turbines, the installation and maintenance are easy and don’t require any cranes or specialty vessels. The estimated shelf life is 50 years.

The multi-rotor system is another benefit of this tech. The company notes that traditional wind turbines lower the energy output in high winds as they start to pitch the blades to prevent damage.

However, the small turbines do better in high winds and produce 2.5 times more energy per swept area annually than traditional turbines.

How Will the Delivery of the System Take Place?

The company notes that they’ll deliver the system at grid-parity, that is, it would match or beat the price of grid energy.

Offshore wind power is usually more expensive than land-based wind farms or solar energy so they hope to reduce the costs further as they increase production.

Although they haven’t released anything about upcoming installations, this is exciting news. All eyes are on Wind Catching Systems to see when and how they’ll deliver on their promises.