This Happy Golden Retriever Loves His Job as a Durian Fruit Harvester

Jubjib is a Thai golden retriever that spends his days helping out his hoomans with the harvest of durian fruit.

Their farm produces fresh durian and has its own products like the fried durian. The sweet Jubjib joined the family business back in 2014 and has become a very important member of the team.

Every harvest, the farmers share photos of the adorable golden retriever doing his job. He looks so happy and cool dressed up in his signature scarves and hats.

Durian Is the Fruit with the Worst Smell

Durian is the fruit with the worst smell in the world.

This spiky-skinned and exotic fruit’s smell has been compared to rotting flesh and raw sewage. It has a highly pungent aroma and it’s prohibited in public places in Malaysia and Singapore.

But, although dogs are known to have a sharp sense of smell, Jubjib doesn’t seem to be bothered by the strong and unpleasant aroma of the fruit. He actually proudly sits on every photo next to the durian piles and wears a huge smile on his face.

Jubjib Is Featured on the Packaging of the Family’s Homemade Products

The unique photos have made Jubjib so popular online that the family decided to make stickers of his face and place it on the packaging of their products.

When his working days are very busy, he even has other furry pals that come to the rescue, including cats!

Isn’t Jubjib the most amazing golden retriever you’ve seen? -He’s such an attraction!

Check out his lovely photos below: