Utah Ice Center Makes Snow for Dying, Cold-Loving Dog to Enjoy Winter once more

The Salt Lake County Ice Center in Utah made gallons of shaved snow for a terminally ill dog named Maggie to make sure she has one more chance to roll in the snowbank-her favorite activity.

The Utah office recently shared on their Facebook about a heartbreaking request which they received.

Maggie’s Owners Used Social Media to Find Snow for their Beloved Maggie

Before the ice center got involved, one of Maggie’s owners shared a call for help on her social media and asked if anyone has a shaved ice machine they’ve put away for the season.

They explained that their sweet Maggie is passing of cancer and they wanted to build her one last snowbank she could roll in.

Maggie’s Dying Wish Comes True

Soon after the request reached the ice center, Maggie’s dying wish was fulfilled-there were gallons of donated snow to her family.

The ice center wrote that their staff shaved extra ice and put it into bins and buckets and Maggie’s owners took it home, in their backyard. Maggie enjoyed it a lot with her loved ones.

The office also shared photos of Maggie enjoying her own snowbank which also included a cute sign reading ‘Maggie’s Snow’.

We’re sending our deepest condolences and love to Maggie’s family and we’re genuinely amazed by the unique chance they’ve given her: Maggie’s own little heaven on earth.