A Little Boy Finds an Abandoned Stroller with Newborn Girl, Years Later, They Meet again

The seven-year-old Eric found an abandoned baby in a stroller when he was at the park. He asked his parents to adopt her; however, they couldn’t do it.

Eric didn’t give up on the girl. He went to the orphanage where she was, every single day until a family adopted her.

After this, Eric and the girl didn’t contact. But the promise they made to each other remained.

How Did the Boy Find the Abandoned Baby in the Park?

Eric was an independent boy who spent a lot of time in the park. The family lived in a safe suburban community in Irvine, California. One day, when the park was quite empty, Eric noticed there was a random baby stroller sitting on the path.

He came closer and heard a baby cry. He asked the baby as if it could answer: “where’s your mommy, baby?”

At this moment, Eric noticed there was a note. He didn’t know how to read the best yet, but he did understand from the text that the baby was abandoned by someone. This is when Eric tried to comfort the baby and told her that he’s going to take her with him.

He started to push the stroller towards his home that was closeby. His mom Natalie was washing the dishes when she noticed Eric pushing the stroller up the driveway. She quickly rushed outside and asked him what’s happening.

Eric told her that someone had abandoned the baby and showed her the note. After Natalie read the note, she was in shock.

What Did the Note Say?

According to the note, the 18-year-old mother named Madison (the baby’s name is Madelaine) couldn’t keep the baby because she had no support. Her young husband had died and the in-laws didn’t accept her and Madelaine.  

Eric repeatedly asked his mom if they can adopt her and that he’ll help in caring for her. She explained that this isn’t how this works and told him they have to inform the police. They waited for her husband, Eric’s dad to come back from work.

After Fred, (her husband and Eric’s dad) came home, they talked and decided that they have to call the authorities because the mom may change her mind.

The family fed the sweet baby girl and she was really calm throughout the night. The parents comforted Eric that Madelaine will be okay and that the right family for her will appear.

Madelaine Was Placed at a Local Orphanage

A social worker came the next day and took Madelaine. She was placed in a local orphanage and Natalie asked them if they could come and visit her.

The social worker asked them if they’re maybe interested in adopting her.  Natalie explained the situation: they weren’t ready to adopt her; however, Eric was fond of the baby girl and wanted to see her more often.

The social worker agreed, although it’s not a usual procedure.

When Eric was 12 and Madelaine was 5, they promised each other that they’ll never be apart. If someone separates them, they’ll still find each other.

Social Media Reunites Eric & Madelaine

After Madelaine was adopted, they didn’t meet very often with Eric anymore. It was like this for a couple of years. At the age of 22, Eric received a wonderful friend request on Facebook. It was from Madelaine-the girl who he rescued from the park!

They were catching up and chatted for several years. Madelaine’s family moved to Indiana and she was on the volleyball team while Eric was planning to study at USC and pursue a major in business.

Eric surprised Madelaine-he booked a flight to Indiana and went to her graduation, with flowers in his hands. They hugged and Madelaine was so proud of reuniting with the boy who saved her when she was a baby.

Her adoptive parents knew all about him already and immediately invited him for the graduation dinner party at their home.