Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Gives an Employee a New Home so that She Keeps Up with the Excellent Customer Service

This Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Ohio got the surprise of a lifetime from one very loyal customer. The friendship of Suzanne Burke and Ebony Johnson started at the drive-thru where Johnson works several years ago.

Burke explains she goes every morning there and Ebony has been on the drive-thru for three years and always showed excellent customer service. 

One day, Burke noticed that her favorite employee wasn’t at work and she started to worry. She soon learned that Ebony and her kids were evicted from their home and are going through a hard time. 

Burke Decides to Help Her Friend & Amazing Dunkin’ Donuts Employee 

Burke decided to help out her friend during these hard times. She wanted to see if she could better the life for Johnson and her kids and ensure they have a home. 

She found several organizations that helped the family to get them a new home and also partnered with a staging designer and the New Life Furniture Bank. 

Jo Potvin, a designer, says that now’s the best time of the year to spread joy. Dana Saxton from the Bank said that it’s as much a gift for them as it is for the mom and her kids to provide this for them. 

The family got a new, fully furnished home, and they spent Christmas and the rest of the holiday season in a warm place together. 

Ebony was amazed and said she’s beyond thankful that they’re back into a home. She was deeply touched by this kindness and broke down in tears as they brought her inside her new home for the first time. 

She was the happiest for her children. They were also in awe and were frolicking around and going through every room in their home. 

Now this family has a permanent place for her and her kids to call home thanks to these kind people!



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