How to Heat Up a Sock with Sea Salt Inside to Heal Earache & Infection

When dealing with an earache or an ear infection, reach for sea salt and a sock to speed up the healing.

This is one of the most popular DIY remedies for a painful or infected ear. It helps lower the discomfort and pain, which is very common during the cold and flu season.

And, it’s not expensive. You just need a clean old sock and quality sea salt. Sea salt is commonly used in various folk medicines, including the saltwater gargle which is praised for its antibacterial and healing characteristics.

The method of the sock and sea salt is amazing to reduce ear pressure, pull out fluid, and relieve the ache.

Let’s check out what you need to do!

DIY Sea Salt & Sock Remedy for Painful Ears

You’ll need:

One clean and all-white sock, 100 percent cotton

1 cup of coarse sea salt


Transfer the sea salt into the sock and tie it well. Heat the sock in a dry skillet over medium heat, for 4 to 6 minutes.

You can shake it around and flip it to ensure it’s warm from every side.

Make sure it’s not burning hot before it’s applied to the ear. Test it onto a smaller area like the hand first.

Lie d own and put the sock over the area, closer to the jaw bone, and relax.

Important to Note:

  • Never use dyed socks. The color may melt when the sock is being heated!
  • Never use regular salt instead of sea salt for this method.
  • Never microwave the sock.