Inspiring: Ohio Man Makes Activity Booklets for Chemo Patients

When he was a child, Scott Murphy knew he could always count on his older sister Linda. She cared for him when he was a child and continued caring for him as they grew up.

In 2019, Linda got diagnosed with uterine cancer and Scott wanted to be there for her and to let her know she can count on him as he can always count on her. 

He spent days with her while she was on chemo treatments and came up with various activities to keep her occupied. 

Scott made her numerous booklets with questions about different movies she’s seen and questions about Cincinnati, as well as with facts about her favorite bands. 

These were activity books that helped his sister kill the time while receiving treatment.

Linda’s Therapy Ended, but Scott’s Fun Booklets Continued

The other patients started to notice Scott’s booklets so he began bringing some extra ones with activities for the others. He calls these booklets ACT or Activities for Chemo Treatment Project. 

Linda’s chemo ended, but Scott’s project continued and he has been bringing activity sheets and booklets every few months for two years to the Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital and explains they’re full of Cincinnati trivia. 

Scott is 61 and lives in West Chester. He’s a quality engineer at the Northrop Grumman Corporation and works as a tour guide at the National Museum of the US Air Force. 

His booklets contain interesting facts like the most famous buildings and landmarks in Cincinnati, history facts, the most popular singers, etc. There are also word searches and other little games that will help patients spend their time at the hospital easier. 

The Hospital Is Thankful for People like Scott

The nurse manager in the oncology department of the hospital, Robin Saxon, says that these booklets are a great way for patients to think of something else rather than their diagnosis and treatment. 

She’s grateful that there are other people besides them that think about their patients and ensure they’re doing well. Linda says that these booklets are a ‘classic Scott’. She says how her brother has always been a jokester and you can always expect something interesting from him.

He’s also very loving and thoughtful and this side of him shines through his ACT project. Linda still has all the books he used to bring her to the hospital when she received chemo. Scott also makes specialized activities for other family members.

He puts in the effort because these are people who’re his family and relatives. 

He wants to keep them occupied and ease the time spent receiving treatment. He hopes to expand his project in the region and to other hospitals and is looking for contacts who would like to offer their help in paying the copying expenses.