Senior Australian Shepherd Rescued by a Loving Family after Living by a Freeway for Seven Months

A 15-year-old Australian Shepherd named Belky is back and is doing better than ever. 

Although she spent several months surviving on the side of Interstate 696 Michigan because her previous owner dumped her there, she’s now a part of a loving family that showers her with love and attention.

One good samaritan saw the canine alone on the side of the highway and contacted the Saginaw Police Department. They transferred the call of the SCACC and they sent rescuers right away to pick the dog up.

Belky Had a Hard Time, but He’s Now Healed & Happier than ever

The senior dog was in bad shape when the rescuers located her. 

It was seriously overweight and had maggot infestations. The rescuers brought the dog back to their location and treated her for the health problems and also put her on a weight loss diet to help her shed surplus weight. 

Eventually, the Humane Society of Midlane County took over the care for the sweet Belky. 

According to their communications coordinator, Casey Nicholson, they saw Belky on the Facebook page of the Saginaw County Animal Care and promised to help in the search for Belky’s second chance for a better life. 

When they met her, they described her as a dog with bright light in the eyes that needed to be loved again. Belky was ready for so much love after she got TLC and dropped those extra pounds.

Belky Finds a Forever Home, Her Owners Adore Her

The BISSELL Pet Foundation held an emergency “Empty the Shelters” event for adoption that focused on helping elderly dogs and other hard-to-adopt pets to find homes.

Belky was one of the 1805 pets that were adopted thanks to this event. Belky is now a part of Breanna Dalton’s home. She first saw Belky on Facebook and liked her right away. This connection grew stronger once she met the dog in person.

Dalton says that she’s aware of how difficult it is for senior dogs to get adopted because people usually look for puppies that will be part of their lives for a longer period of time. She felt that Belky’s need for meds will make things even harder. 

Belky immediately adjusted to her new home and family and is spending her senior days cuddling with toys, enjoying walks every day, and napping on her orthopedic bed.