Touching Story: Homeless Man Chooses His Dog over Housing & the Much-Needed Surgery

A dog is man’s best friend and this is the truest story for Donald Dickerson. 

He says that when his dog looks at him, he knows he’s loved. His dog’s name is Duude because he’s “his dude”. Their connection is very close and it only grows stronger by the day. 

Unfortunately, both Dickerson and Duude are homeless and their days and nights are spent in the woods at one campsite. 

Dickerson says he could’ve already had a place to live; however, they wanted him to foster Duude and since he’s his dog that he loves a lot, he didn’t accept the offer.

Homeless Man Turns Off Housing & Surgery for His Beloved Dog

Being homeless isn’t the only issue that Dickerson is facing. 

He also has a swollen knee which is really painful and yet he has to walk to the hill and from it daily. He needs a partial knee replacement; however, several months ago when the doctors were supposed to operate on him, they couldn’t do it. 

The doctors informed Dickerson that he has to find a place to live because someone has to care for him after the procedure. Until now, Dickerson hasn’t found suitable housing for him and Duude. 

He says he’ll never give him up and if he has to stay homeless and without the surgery that he will endure it because he doesn’t want to leave Duude. 

The Search for a Home for Dickerson & Duude Continues 

Dickerson’s new friend Lane Miller deeply admires Dickerson’s love for someone other than himself. This is a rare quality, she believes, and she used to see Dickerson on her way to work every day. 

She explained that she could see his smile through his mask and this is how their friendship started. Miller wanted to help him and decided to contact several agencies and organizations.

She was upset that he didn’t have a place to go, yet his surgery was approved. She began reaching out and hit plenty of brick walls. Dickerson and Duude are still waiting for possible options and the only certain thing was that they have one another. 

Dickerson claims that if it weren’t for Duude, he would probably have given up. If his homelessness continues and he doesn’t get the needed surgery, he will keep going because he doesn’t want to give up. 

The Greensboro’s Volunteer Center of the Triad is working to connect with several other agencies and help out the duo and find them a home so that Dickerson can finally get that surgery. 

Dickerson is also trying to find a short-term stay at a motel through his GoFundMe account.