8-Year-Old Texan Bakes & Sells Cupcakes to Purchase Gifts for Foster Kids

This young Pearland student stepped up to help out the foster children last Christmas in the most unique way. 

The 8-year-old Summer Linn decided to bake and sell homemade cupcakes and use the funds to purchase gifts for the children in foster care and help them make them feel like others do care.

Although she’s really young, Summer is already contributing to a better world, and rather than spending last Thanksgiving break at home with her friends and family, she set up a shop at one Pearland shopping center where she was selling her cupcakes.

Summer Used the Sale Money to Buy Gifts for Foster Kids

The profits from the homemade cupcakes were used to purchase gifts for children in foster care. Summer wanted to help out and this is the idea she came up with. 

This third-grader had a successful sale-she made more than 2000 cupcakes and sold the boxes for $5 each. She told the media that she was aware that Santa was very busy and it’s not always easy for him to find all the foster kids. 

But, for Summer, these kids are really special and deserve a happy home and a good Christmas season.

The amazing girl has already adopted 13 kids for last Christmas’s gifts. She bought amazing presents like toys and other gifts accompanied by her mom. She wanted to ensure they feel loved and wanted.

However, she thinks that it’s heartbreaking that many families don’t understand this.

Summer’s Mother Spent Seven Years in Foster Care

Her mom, Max Ryder, who spent seven years of her life in foster care, says that the pain is personal for her. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, a time that’s usually spent with loved ones, children in foster care feel unloved and unwanted.

Summer’s letter to Santa was inspired by her love for foster care children. She asked him to find them all good homes, although she’s aware that this is a huge ask. 

If only more kids were empathic and compassionate like Summer-the world would be a lovely place!