Innovative: University Building Helps Beat the Heat by Installing this Cooling Green Roof

Sanjay Puri Architects’ new project is a wonderful building that every college campus dreams of. It’s designed for Prestige University in Indore, India and this new academic building has a stunning green roof that steps down five floors and meets the ground.

Every modular square of the roof is accessible and the students can use it to relax or study outdoors. 

A Roof that Looks Cool & Helps with the Excessive Heat in the Region 

This building isn’t just a unique outdoor space for the users of the building, but also a tool in the fight against the increasingly hot climate.

As the temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees C for eight months out of the 12, smart solutions are needed to fight off the extreme heat.

This building is energy-efficient and sustainable with very low dependence on artificial air conditioning and lighting. 

The architects have also included natural ventilation to ensure it’s all as sustainable as possible. The spaces of the interior have pathways that bring in the fresh air and maintain the indoor area cool. 

The building’s indoor space on the ground floor includes a cafeteria, administration premises, and an auditorium. These shared areas are on the lower floors so that there’s easy access to them whereas a library is located on the next level.

The upper stories have classrooms and other administration areas with views looking out on the passageways and they’re connected with terraces. 

When Will the Students & Faculty Use the Building for Prestige University?

This sustainable academic building is planned to be completed in June 2022.

It’s definitely something amazing and it will certainly bring in a new type of enjoyment and connection with nature, but also encourage the awareness about helping our planet in the students and faculty.