Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave the Hospital Where Its Human Died Months Ago

This confused and grieving dog was waiting outside the doors of a hospital where its owner died four months ago.

The 59-year-old owner got stabbed during a street fight in Brazil and had to be taken to the hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to the wounds.

The dog chased after the ambulance and followed it to the hospital. when they took in his owner, he sat outside and waited, and is still waiting today, months after the owner’s death.

The dog was seen waiting on the rug in front of the reception, staring inside the building, as if it’s waiting for the owner to come back. Sometimes, he would head out for a walk, in search of food, but always came back to the rug. 

Everyone Started to Recognize the Waiting Dog

Since he was there all the time, the staff of the hospital and the locals all knew him and often offered him drinks and food, while he was desperately waiting for his owner.  

They’ve grown to like him and have even placed blankets and mats to ensure he’s comfy and warm.

The finance director of the hospital said that the dog is very quiet, calm, and tame and has never tried to go inside the hospital.

According to a post on social media by Cristine Sardella, a lawyer, we have plenty to learn from animals. She said how the dog is in front of the door of the hospital, waiting for its owner who won’t be coming back. 

The Dog Is Placed in  Another Family, He Escapes & Comes Back to the Hospital

Thanks to Sardella, the story of the dedicated dog waiting in vain for his owner started to spread globally. She photographed the dog and shared the photos on her Facebook.

This story shows that the bond between a dog and his human is forever. 

Everyone seemed to be deeply moved by his waiting, although they realized that he was now alone, without anyone to care for him.

After the post by Cristine, an animal shelter that’s in the area took in the dog and found him a new forever home. But, believe it or not, the dog escaped from the home and still comes to the hospital.

We’re not crying, you are.