Girl’s Soccer Team Goes from Being the Biggest Losers to Top Division Thanks to a Dad Who Started Coaching Them

After a dad started coaching them, this girls’ soccer team from England went from being a loser at every game to being promoted to the top division. 

The Leek Town Devils recently celebrated their promotion to the top division. They used to lose 20-0 and now win games after their new coach stepped in. 

The team from Stoke-on-Trent under 15s had a difficult time and were defeated whenever they got onto the pitch.

But Henley changed everything.

Henley’s Dedication to Coaching Real Values Bears Fruits 

Their new coach is 41-year-old Stuart Henley and he started working with the girls in 2020. As many of the players have never kicked a ball for soccer prior to joining the team, the teaching required a lot of patience and hard work.

They also did team-building activities because they’re important, according to Henley. By bonding off the field, they will also bond on the field and function better together. 

Henley also taught the girls about the shooting, passing, and soccer movement. 

The car valet from Stoke-on-Trent says that his ethos has been doing those basic things well and giving the girls a chance to decide what they need to focus on, rather than being the one who dictates everything. 

He wanted to bring more girls into soccer and show that it’s not just about the best players, but rather about doing the hard work and creating a chance for all to participate. 

Despite being a stop-and-start season, 2020/2021 gave them a lot of opportunities to train together and strengthen their team. The first time they scored a goal was ecstatic and they all felt like they won the World Cup.

For coach Henley, it’s amazing to watch the girls’ faces light up. Though they lost that game, the goal they scored was a step in the right direction. Every week, they would go back to training and also focused on any other details that needed improvement.

Their coach took on the job after the previous coach quit. With the help of his assistant, 50-year-old Ivan Austin, they’ve found a new way and it seems to be working in everyone’s favor.

Chelsea is the star player of the team and a top scorer with stunning 30 goals in the league. Henley’s daughter, the 14-year-old Rebecca is also on the team. He says that they’re giving the girls the chance to play soccer regardless of everything.