David Beckham Hands over His Instagram with 71.6 Million Followers to a Ukrainian Doctor

Retired soccer star David Beckham recently announced handing over his Instagram account with more than 70 million followers to a doctor from Ukraine who’s caring for pregnant people and babies in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The doctor is Irina Kondratova and she is trying to raise donations for kids and families in Ukraine through UNICEF. Kondratova is also head of Kharkiv’s regional prenatal center. 

Kharkiv is six hours from Kyiv and is considered the second-largest city in Ukraine. 

After taking over Beckham’s Instagram, the doctor said how she’s going to show people how they operate in times of crisis and who they’ve become during these difficult days.

Beckham Hands Over Instagram to a Ukrainian Doctor

According to Dr. Kondratova, on the first day of the attack, the pregnant people and moms were taken to the hospital’s basement where she says they spent the three worst hours and she also walked through the small areas where patients sleep.

She said it was sad that the babies who were attached to life-saving machines couldn’t come. 

As the doctor was checking up a baby who was being held by a woman, a caption said “the first days were the most difficult. We had to learn how to work with bombings and strikings”.

In another video, the doctor explained she is now working 24/7 and also assists in unloading cargo, as well as in logistics and offering emotional support.

In various photos of women and their babies, Kondratova explained that the UNICEF funds are crucial. The donators will help provide oxygen for the kids in the basement. 

She also said that they’re probably risking their own lives, but they don’t think much about it. They love their job.

Earlier, Beckham used his presence on Instagram to urge his followers to make donations to UNICEF and check out his story to learn the amazing efforts being made by health care workers in saving lives in Ukraine. 

He emphasized that we can only make a difference together.

Kharkiv Has Been Hit Pretty Hard by the Russian Army 

Kharkiv has been violently shelled by Russia since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Last month, the President of Ukraine called the Russian acts “state terrorisms” and demanded justice in international courts.

Beckham, back in 2015, announced the 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund Project after his 10th year of being an ambassador for this organization that helps kids globally. 

He said that everything he’s done, his family and career, has led to this point and this is his moment to do what he’s able to for the kids from every corner of this earth.