Dog Transport Company Collects 11,000 Pounds of Dog Food to Help Feed the Dogs in Ukraine

One dog transport company, Daisybrook International Pet Transport, is helping feed the hungry dogs in war-torn Ukraine and they’ve already collected 11,000 pounds of dog food.

They collect dog food donations from the UK and have received 300 bags of it. The company in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire has already delivered 190 bags to one contact in Germany who drove the bags to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

The owner of the company, Matthew Hunt, drove the specialized dog van, full of dog food, to Germany on March 15 and plans to repeat these trips once per week.

The Company Hopes to Raise Awareness of the Terrible Situation Ukrainian Dogs Are In 

The transport manager of the company, 28-year-old Charlotte Carpenter notes that her home is full of bags of dog food and she hopes this appeal will increase the awareness of the serious situation that Ukrainian dogs are currently in.

This company collects show dogs for European buyers and they’ve also delivered boxes full of coats, beds, collars, leashes, toys, and beds, but also food for cats. 

Charlotte explains that their German friend knew a person who could come and take the food from Poland to the border with Ukraine. 

People Are Wonderful & Huge Animal Lovers; The Company Is Running Out of Place to Store Donations

She also added that the response they’ve gotten from people is wonderful. They have 300 bags, (every bag with 30 pounds) of dog food donated already. They praised people’s generosity and kindness. 

This initiative blew up a bit and now, people from all over the country are donating dog food and it’s piling up. They will therefore have to stop the donations for the time being because they’re running out of available places to keep all of it. 

She emphasizes that they still have endless tins, treats, and sachets to deliver to Ukraine. 

There’s dog food in their bathrooms and dining rooms. It seems people love dogs a lot and they want to help the ones that are currently in the toughest place in Ukraine. 

They also want to increase the awareness of dogs that need to be rescued since people are massively fleeing their homes in Ukraine and plenty of them can’t take their dogs with them. 

Having to choose who to take with you is certainly terrible, said Charlotte.