Family from Ohio Converts a 1903 Church into a Home (Pretty Awesome)

This family of seven from Ohio is singing their praises after getting the chance to transform a local church into their new home.

But, it required a lot of creativity to make the fixtures of this 1903 house of worship work. The pews became the dining seating and home-schooling rooms. The kitchen sink was once a baptismal font!

The road was long but worth it, explains the family of seven!

It’s Amazing Knowing that Your Home Was Once a Church

The commercial contractor Matt Gray and his wife Kristen purchased the former Pleasant Hill Church of God in Pleasant Hill for $50,000 in 2020.

Gray says that they get goosebumps every time they think of the fact that so many lives were transformed in the steel tub.

Although it’s now living a less glamorous life as it’s a kitchen sink, they’re excited that they saved and repurposed it. 

The couple has two sons and three daughters and they spent five months on the transformation from a church into a family home.

The Idea Seemed a bit Far-Fetched in the Beginning, Said the Family

Back in 2016, while residing in Troy, the family wanted to move somewhere closer to the kids’ then-school in Pleasant Hills. The parents didn’t want to have to cross as many busy roads to get there.

They heard from some people that the church had land south of the town and that they were looking to build a new facility so Kristen came up with the idea to build their house there.

The idea seemed a bit crazy at that time, but it grew legs. Kristen is a designer who’s homeschooling her kids. 

In two weeks, the couple saw the church and offered to purchase it. The discussions lasted several weeks, but the church ended up rejecting their offer because they thought it wasn’t the right time.

The couple then moved into a fixer-upper they purchased on an auction, hoping that the church deal would eventually happen.

The Church Made Up Their Mind, Contacted the Family to Make the Sale

In 2020, after two house changes, the church contacted the family and said that they’re now ready to sell the house of worship. 

Matt believes they appreciated the fact that the church will house a new purpose and won’t be torn down to be used for a parking lot. 

The couple made changes in the electrics and plumbing and also placed a new roof and painted the exterior black. 

The kids took part in the designing of their bedrooms and other rooms like the entertaining and game rooms, as well as in the reading areas. 

Believe it or not, this house also has a slide that zooms down from a mezzanine on top. Kristen says that they’ve never had a home where all of the seven members can cook together. They love it so much. 

The home has some details that still remain from the church, including the ephemera, a wooden cross, and a church attendance board. 

Although it’s now a family home, the family wants the community to use it for food banks and bible study.