Former Marine Drives 1000 Miles to the Ukraine Border in a Minibus Full of Toys, Blankets & Supplies for Refugees

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifying, Tom Littledyke decided to do something and help the ones who need it the most.

On a Sunday night, Littledyke couldn’t sleep and had an idea. 

The UK-based pub owner decided to drive more than 1000 miles and reach the Lyme Regis, a small coastal town in West Dorset, England to the border of Poland and Ukraine to deliver supplies for the thousands of Ukrainians who fled their country.

Littledyke Drives 1000 Miles to Help Refugees with a Minibus Full of Supplies

The 31-year-old filled his 16-seater minibus with essentials and drove to deliver them to the refugees. Together with his partner Georgia Wellman, they wrote a plea on social media and asked for help.

They opened a JustGiving page and the goal was to raise around $1000 to buy the needed supplies. In only several days, they gathered more than $15,000!

Littledyke was positively surprised because he didn’t think it would reach so high that fast. His expectations were exceeded. He was amazed by what people are capable of doing when they want to. 

Why Did Littledyke Decide to Take this Journey of 1000 Miles?

Littledyke saw photos of innocent Ukrainians, especially kids, having to move away from their homes and he knew he had to do something to help them out. Despite no direct tie to Ukraine, seeing how the country is under attack inspired him to help out its people.

As soon as he saw the photos of kids and people having to leave their lives and flee to another country, he asked himself what if these were his loved ones.

Prior to leaving their home, he and his partner informed the community about their efforts and said their minibus will be unlocked in front of their home in case someone wants to donate supplies.

Only an hour after their post, the minibus was full of toys, food, sanitary products, thermals, tents, and sleeping bags. 

Their neighbors donated everything they thought the refugees will need. 

The couple was amazed by their generosity. This inspired them to keep going and also be an inspiration to others to keep the chain of good things going.

The Journey of 1000 Mile Took Almost 30 Hours

Littledyke’s 1000-mile journey took 28 hours, with breaks for rest included. He was at the border at midnight and he was overwhelmed by what he saw there. 

He was sad that so many people had to leave this country. The former member of the Royal Marines Reserve said that it was dark and barren and they were posts designed to keep these people out.

After delivering the supplies, he also transported men back to Ukraine who had to fight in the war after they drove their families off at the border. Moreover, Littledyke has taken several trips from the train station to the border and usually transports kids, women, and the elderly. 

He chronicles his trip on Facebook. His partner is at home with their dog Bucky managing their pub, restaurant, and cafe. 

Wellman says she’s worried about Littledyke, but she’s very proud of him. She says he’s a bit crazy, but a brave and big-hearted man.