Shiba Inu Survives House Fire & Becomes a Therapy Dog for Burn Victims

It’s not common for a person to resist a cuddle with a loving and furry friend such as a sweet dog, especially when we’re struggling. 

And, when that dog knows what we’re struggling with because they’re been through the same, they help us out even more.

At least this is what the nine-year-old Shiba Inu is doing. He’s now a therapy dog who’s helping burn victims because he knows how this feels.

Though he’s a burn victim himself, Taka didn’t allow this to destroy him. He’s braver than ever! His story is one worth reading… 

Such an inspiring doggo. 

Shiba Inu Taka Was Burned in a House Fire & Lost Fur on His Face & Struggled with Trauma

Sweet Taka’s fur was burned in a house fire that happened back in October 2018. 

He didn’t just suffer physical consequences, but also went through emotional trauma. His vet Crystal Lesley adopted him; however, the scared dog started to act out and fought with her other dogs because he was struggling emotionally. 

Lesley said that she didn’t know if she could keep Taka and this broke her heart. But, when he started getting professional training, things looked much better. At first, Lesley thought that the training wouldn’t have the best effect considering Taka is older, but he took to it instantly. 

Professional Canine Training Helps Taka Become a Certified Therapy Dog

Mandy Foster was his trainer after the accident and she says that this nine-year-old Shiba Inu passed the training with flying colors and he’s actually a pretty brilliant dog. She trained him to be able to focus on something without distractions setting him off.

They also prepped him to become a therapy dog. As the first part of the needed qualifications to become a part of local burn centers, he needed to get his Canine Good Citizen badge from the American Kennel Club.

By doing this, it means Taka is capable of listening to commands and reacting properly to situations like being left alone for shorter periods of time or being petted by strangers.

And, after this, Foster will work with Taka to get him qualified as a therapy dog and he’ll help burn victims who’ve been through similar experiences like his. She believes he has a suitable temperament for this. 

And, he has the scars to prove it. People can also relate to him and this isn’t just beneficial for them, but for him as well. 

He’s not just training to help out kids, but he was also at a benefit for burn foundation families and patients, known as the I’m With the Band.

Sweet Taka was also named the ambassador of the JMS Burn Center and also named one of the Dogs of the Year in America.

For Crystal, seeing Taka’s transformation was all worth it. And, because of his great trainer Mandy, he’s still with her. We wish you so much more blessings Taka, good job!