Touching Story: First Responders Successfully Rescue a Freezing Dog from Detroit River

Wyandotte firefighters and police officers came together one afternoon to rescue a dog reported to be stuck and freezing in the Detroit River. The first responders were called to the scene on a Monday afternoon from people who spotted the poor dog.

The labradoodle escaped from its owner while they were on a walk and jumped into the river that’s partially frozen. 

The dog named Lucy climbed onto a piece of ice but it started to drift down the river. The rescuer used a catchpole to pull Lucy towards him. She’s now safe and doing well. 

Lucy Was Rescued from the Freezing River Thanks to the Smart & Brave Rescuers 

The Wyandotte firefighters department wrote the news about their successful rescue mission on their official Facebook page.

It said:

“We were happy to assist the rescue of this pup that ended up into the Detroit River. Nice work to the on-duty crew today. Glad to report that Lucy is safe and sound. Thanks to everyone else who assisted us!” 

Wyandotte Deputy Police Chief Archie Hamilton notes that if weren’t for the good people who reported that Lucy was stuck in the river, she would’ve probably frozen to death or drowned. 

According to Assistant Fire Chief Tom Lyon, this rescue had a happy outcome. 

Lyon and a small crowd of the first responders and residents watched the rescuers suit up in the orange insulated drysuits and risked their lives to help out Lucy who was noticeably terrified.

Though she can’t speak, the rescuers said her big brown eyes said it all. Another dog that also fell into a frozen river in Washington last December got a new chance for life because there was a firefighter who was nearby.

Mickey Cotter, a firefighter and a paramedic by profession, waded through the freezing water after he saw the dog struggling to remain afloat in the Tahuya River. Cotter put his swimming skills to the test and savedWillie the dog.

This is really beautiful news in so much darkness these days! Good job everyone!