Wonderful: Airbnb Sets Up 100,000 Refugees from Ukraine with Housing Free-of-Charge

Airbnb is working on securing free, short-term housing for up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. The company will fund the housing through assistance from the Airbnb hosts and donations made to Airbnb.org. 

Airbnb notes that the hosts will provide beds and other amenities for the refugees for a period of several days or weeks.

The co-founders of the company have sent letters to European leaders, starting with the ones in Hungary, Poland, Germany, and Romania with clear intention to show support in welcoming the refugees and working with governments to provide help to each country.

Airbnb’s Continous Dedication to Helping Refugees

They will collaborate with non-profits to ensure the eligibility of the guests before their stay is arranged. 

According to the company, they offer financial protection to the hosts through AirCover. This includes one million dollars in liability insurance, one million dollars in damage protection, pet damage protection, and income loss protection.

The population of Ukraine has been forced out of the country and among the million-plus refugees that fled the country, there are 200 orphans with serious mental and physical disabilities who came to Hungary by train.

Airbnb Helps Afghan Refugees through the Afghan Housing Program

Airbnb’s housing help for the Ukrainian refugees is a continuation of an initiative that the company launched last year when it provided housing for Afgan refugees. These people fled the country in an attempt to escape the Taliban rule and resettle where it’s safer.

With this in mind, Airbnb partnered with the International Rescue Committee, HIAS, and Church World Service and established the Afghan housing program. They recently announced that they reached a goal of setting up housing for 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan.

If you’re interested in supporting the company’s effort by a free or discounted stay, check out airbnb.org/help-ukraine. The stays are funded by the company, as well as donations from the Refugee Fund and the generosity of the hosts.