Five Best Herbs for Respiratory Support & Lung Detox

The lungs never rest. They ensure life-giving oxygen is flowing into the body while removing carbon dioxide. This rhythmic exchange is one of the many wonders of human physiology. 

A healthy respiratory system is pivotal for our overall health, but the lungs are also a delicate organ that is under attack from so many environmental factors that are inevitable in today’s world. 

Everything we breathe in is passing through our lungs and exposure to some of these substances can cause damage. 

With this in mind, it’s pivotal to take good care of the lungs and boost the respiratory system’s functioning. Viruses, bacteria, polluted air, smog, etc. All of these factors can diminish your lungs’ health.

This is where natural remedies can help out. There are in fact herbs and plants that are praised for their ability to keep the respiratory system working optimally by protecting it from all those harmful factors. 

Since it’s pivotal to keep the lungs healthy and functioning optimally, we’ve prepared a list of the five most potent natural herbs for healthy lungs!

The Five Healthiest Herbs for the Lungs

  1. Mullein

For a long period of time, mullein has been used to improve the health of the lungs. This is a weedy herb that can be consumed internally when dealing with a  scratchy throat or a dry cough. 

It boosts the mucous production in membranes that are inflamed.

You can also use it to make a paste that is applied topically onto the chest and claimed to help pull out the infection and lower the inflammation.

  1. Plantain leaf

This leaf is widely used and it grows near the ground in a radial pattern. 

It’s mostly used for topical application and is claimed to provide relief for respiratory inflammation and distress. 

What’s more, it’s also claimed to be of aid for bronchial infections and pneumonia. 

It helps cool down and moisten the mucosa and dry the mucus and water from the lungs.

  1. Lungwort

Also known as lung moss or lung lichen, this herbal remedy is believed to offer support to the lungs. 

It’s claimed to be helpful for pneumonia or tuberculosis, but these claims aren’t scientifically proven. 

This remedy can be found in tincture or capsule form whereas the dried form is commonly used for tea. 

  1. Osha root

This potent herb originating from the Rocky Mountains has long been used by indigenous cultures as a remedy for respiratory health. 

It’s commonly used to alleviate colds and coughing, but also other lung problems like bronchitis, the flu, swine flu, pneumonia, etc. 

It’s claimed to alleviate congestion and boost the blood flow to the lungs. 

  1. Peppermint

The menthol present in peppermint has decongestive properties and helps reduce swollen nasal membranes and relieves breathing. 

Moreover, it’s also believed to help loosen the mucus in the lungs, Peppermint may also be used for the prevention of illnesses too. Congestion due to allergies or other respiratory difficulties can also be alleviated with peppermint because it has antihistamine effects. 

Combined with the cooling, potent action of menthol, it’s a powerful decongestant. This is why you’ll often see it being used in therapeutic balms and inhalers.