Police Officers from Oceanside PD Handing Out Money at the Gas Station as Part of their Act of Kindness Program

The Oceanside PD in California is helping out the community as part of their program called the Random Acts of Kindness.

Their latest effort got a lot of attention after police officers handled gas cash as relief at gas stations to motorists. 

The department wrote on their official Facebook page that they’re giving cash at the local gas stations with the goal to help out drivers with the rising costs of fuel.

It Would Not Have Been Possible without the Fortin Family

This effort was made possible by a donation from the Fortin family. 

They donated money to the police department so that they can help random people from their community. Considering the increase in fuel prices, the officers thought it was appropriate to hand out money at various gas stations.

Drivers had their days brightened when officers approached them with the gas money. 

Initially, though, people were a bit confused since most of the time, police officers don’t have a chance to interact with people on good days, but this is more common during crises, conflicts, emergencies, problems, etc.

Delivering good news as police officers was still amazing and resulted in high fives, hugs, tears of happiness, and gratitude.

Amazing Act of Kindness: Police Officers Receive Donation by the Fortin Family to Help Drivers with the Rising Costs of Fuel

The money donated by the family is distributed to all of the police officers on all shifts in the whole city, according to the public information officer of the department, Jennifer Attenza. 

Attenza says their department is fortunate enough to have the founder of Trauma Intervention Program Inc. partnering with them and giving them $20,000 to spread kindness throughout Oceanside.

Every month, they will dedicate themselves to a new act of kindness. Last month, they reached out to victims of theft and replaced the stolen items they didn’t have money to replace themselves.

One family with a special needs daughter had their car seat stolen and since these are very expensive to substitute, they purchased a custom seat to fit the needs of this kid and delivered it to the family. 

The police officers agree that it’s a rewarding experience to be able to bring brightness to people’s lives, especially in times of struggle. 

The program’s aim is to connect with the community. 

The sponsors wanted to further the police department’s outreach and this is already happening; it will continue until December and it will include something different every month.