Sanitation Worker Rescues Missing Elderly Woman

This heroic act is being recognized publicly after this Blytheville Waste Pro sanitation worker helped save an elderly lady with dementia.

The worker, Macario Chism, said that he found the 82-year-old Thelma Bates during freezing weather on a Thursday in the middle of January while on his route in Caruthersville between East 18th Street and East 19th Street.

While he was driving, he saw a shop building and the door opened and then it closed.

He had a couple of extra minutes so he went out and saw that there was a lady who appeared to be lost.

Sanitation Worker’s Act of Heroism Publicly Praised

Chism went out right away and put his coat around the lady and then took her to the truck to keep her warm. He called for help in the meantime. 

He was very proud to have helped the woman who was reported missing and he says she reminded him of his grandma. 

The police chief Tony Jones informed Chism that the lady was reported missing around 4 am that morning and that she was out in the freezing water for several hours.

They say it’s a miracle she’s survived this harsh weather. She’s currently being treated in the hospital for the frostbite on her feet as well as for several bruises. 

Chism Could’ve Kept Doing His Job, like any Other Day, but He Wanted to Help

According to the Code Enforcement Officer, Barry Gilmore, they alerted Chism that day to be on the lookout for this elderly woman who was reported missing. Gilmore explains that Chism’s heroic act deserves all the praise.

He could’ve been driving on his route and minding his business, collecting the trash, and then clocking out home without a worry on his mind. 

But, he did much more and helped save a woman’s life. 

For him, this moment taught him an important lesson and from now on, he’ll pay much more attention to any unusual details on his route because you never know he may need your help.