Real Life Sheldon: Brilliant 13-Year-Old Boy Soon Starts His Ph.D. in Physics

Elliot Tanner seems like any other kid who’s 13 years old: his favorite game is Minecraft, likes to listen to music, and enjoys hanging out with his friends.

However, his life is slightly different as he’s about to graduate from University. Yes, you’ve read correctly. This 13-year-old is getting a degree from the University of Minnesota! 

His BA in physics and minor in math are only the beginning: the brilliant boy is heading back to campus to begin his physics doctorate.

Brilliant 13-Year-Old: Real-Life Sheldon Passionate about Physics?

His parents noticed the boy’s capabilities after he was already reading and doing math at the age of 3. Several years of schooling resulted in the boy finishing high school at the age of 8 and then he went to college.

His mom Michelle ensures the boy is still able to enjoy the beauty of childhood. 

She explains that people who learn about her son say that he’s unable to be a child because he grew up so fast. 

But, she explains that Elliot is still very much a kid and the only difference from his peers is that he goes to a school in a distinct building. 

For his Ph.D. studies, the boy will focus on high-energy theoretical physics. But, his family encountered a major obstacle: how to pay for this program. 

Since the boy didn’t get a tuition waiver or some financial aid, the family had to open up a GoFundMe in order to finance their son’s education.

Until now, they’ve raised enough money to get the boy into the first year and set up a goal to raise money and help the boy enroll in the second year as well. 

The family hopes that along the way, the boy may get a research assistant or teaching position and thus, offset the high costs. 

Elliot Wants to Encourage Others to Become Excited about Physics 

Elliot who’s become friends with Ian Armitage, Young Sheldon star, is hopeful that his personal story will be an inspiration for others to pursue physics. He would like to spread the joy of physics and create more enthusiasm for it. 

The boy hopes to become a physics professor so that he can spread his goal further. For now, he’ll be celebrating his graduation and prepping himself for what the future holds.