5-Year-Old Italian Piano Prodigy Leaves Crowd in Awe during His Rendition of Mozart

Mozart is one of the most popular kid prodigies. He started writing compositions at the age of 5. 

Therefore, it’s more than fitting that a fellow young prodigy is bringing this classical musician’s compositions to life.

The 5-year-old Italian piano prodigy Alberto C. Cingolani left the audience speechless during the 10th International Music Composition in Penne, Abruzzo. 

His masterful rendition of the Piano Sonata No.16 in C major went viral on social media and was viewed more than five million times on Twitter.

5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy’s Impressive Rendition of Mozart Wins People’s Hearts 

Based in central Italy’s Marche region, Cingolani is from a musical family. His dad is a teacher in the Lombardy region whereas his mother is an instructor of singing. 

When the boy was 3 years old, he was introduced by his parents to the piano. They quickly noticed that he has a natural affinity for it. 

They started with 10-minute practice sessions and the time was increased as the boy grew. Although he was unable to read music when he began playing it and is still learning, he has always had the absolute pitch.

This is the capacity to identify and recreate any musical note. The boy met with music during the first pandemic lockdown, according to his mom Alessia Cingolani. She was always at home so they began using a small keyboard to stimulate the boy. 

This is when she realized Alberto was doing pretty well. 

Already Touring through Italy 

While doing this, Alessia and her husband, the boy’s dad, noticed that Alberto has the perfect pitch. And, for a year and a half now, the boy’s been doing amazing things, both for his age and the time needed to learn. 

The boy can’t read the music notes yet and almost not at all; however, he takes keyboard positions and repeats the pieces. He’s very instinctive. 

He’s already been escorted by his parents to various music competitions in Italy and some of his best performances have been recorded and shared on numerous social media platforms. 

Check out some of the talented boy’s performances on his dad’s YouTube channel.