DIY Green Tea, Pineapple & Cinnamon Drink for Better Weight Loss

Boasting a delicious formula, this pineapple, and cinnamon green tea will help you boost your weight loss efforts in plenty of ways.

It will help in appetite management, body detox, and enrich the body with antioxidants. 

This tea is abundant in water and it’s an awesome diuretic that is great for relieving fluid retention and easing the removal of toxins.

Below, learn more about why you should add this tea to your diet if you’ve set a weight loss goal!

The Best Health Benefits of Green Tea, Pineapple & Cinnamon Drink

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits for the colon

Being rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it has a positive influence on gut bacteria and digestion. This tea can help with inflammation, hemorrhoids, mouth and throat infections, etc. 

  • Good for diabetics

This drink, thanks to cinnamon, helps balance the sugar levels in the blood and boost glucose metabolism. 

This is great for diabetics and those struggling with high levels of blood sugar linked with higher fat storage. 

  • It possesses anti-bacterial characteristics

This drink is packed with antibacterial characteristics. 

It plays a role in removing bad bacteria from the digestive tract and improves the overall digestion, enabling better weight loss. 

  • Packed with amazing nutrients 

Pineapple is rich in vitamin C, organic acids, bromelain, and iodine. Cinnamon is wonderful; it contains iron, calcium, zinc, protein, selenium, phenols, potassium, etc. 

Green tea is known to be a powerful source of antioxidants 

DIY Green Tea, Pineapple, and Cinnamon Drink Recipe 

You will need:

2 pineapple slices

 A bag of green tea

A cup of water

2 tbsps of honey

½ tsp of cinnamon powder


Boil the water and then add the cinnamon. Let it simmer for a minute or two before adding the tea. Leave it at room temperatures, covered for 10 minutes.

Remove the lid and add the previously extracted pineapple juice and honey.

Stir and consume. 

When to consume it:

Opt for two cups of drink per day. Consume it after a meal or with a snack due to green tea being able to interfere with nutrient absorption.

In combination with a healthy lifestyle, this drink will bring you one step closer to your desired weight.