This Friendly Pet Chicken Is Cheering Arizona Assisted Living Home Residents & They Love Her

Gracie, the chicken, is the best-feathered friend of the residents in this assisted living home in Arizona.

For three years, Gracie has been visiting the Good Samaritan Society-Willow Wind Assisted Living located in Prescott. It stops by and sits on the residents’ laps and always gladly accepts pets.

Barbara Herbert, one of the residents there, says that Gracie will just lay there and look at you until you start petting her.

She compares her to dogs who like being petted between their ears; the only difference being that Gracie likes back pets the most.

Friendly Pet Chicken, Regular Visitor at this Arizona Assisted Living Home

The friendly chicken is visiting the home thanks to her creative and animal-loving owner. Gracie’s owner, Becky Medina, is the activities director at the facility.

She began raising chickens back in 2012. When she got Gracie, she realized that this bird was calmer than the rest of the chickens. 

She didn’t flap her wings excessively and her behavior is gentler and tamer. 

Medina, after she saw how multiple people brought their dogs to spread smiles among the residents of the nursing home, decided to try and see if the residents would Gracie’s company.

The response warmed her heart. From that moment on, Gracie became their favorite guest. 

Gracie Brings so much Happiness in the Residents, Says Medina

For her, the residents are her family and she’s joyful when she sees them happy. 

And, this is exactly what happens when Gracie visits them. In fact, plenty of the residents grew up on farms so for them, Gracie is a reminder of all those beautiful memories of that period.

Gracie’s first visit was a hit. She remained an anticipated visitor whenever her visit is scheduled. And, three years into these visits, the residents still react to Gracie’s vibrant personality with the same delight and disbelief. 

Herbert said that Gracie is the sweetest and helps them feel calm. She’s an adorable chicken with soft feathers.