Wintergreen Oil Offers Amazing Health Benefits for the Immunity, Muscles, and Digestion

This oil, extracted from the leaves of the Gaultheria procumbens evergreen plant is increasingly popular. 

Wintergreen oil is also known under the names checkerberry or easter teaberry. It’s been used for centuries by North American tribes for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The wintergreen trees produce big, red berries. The oil is praised for its analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, and antiarthritic characteristics. 

It contains methyl salicylate which is known to be helpful in fighting against inflammation. Wintergreen oil has a sweet and fresh smell that is similar to that of peppermint oil. The oils are tasteless and odorless though. 

It’s commonly used in teas, aromatherapy, foods, beauty products, household products, etc. 

Studies indicate that it possesses some pretty amazing health benefits. Below, check out some of the best ones!

The Best Health Advantages of Wintergreen Oil

  • Antiviral and antibacterial characteristics

Methyl salicylate may be metabolized to form salicylic acid. 

This phytohormone showed antimicrobial properties and may help with bacteria-causing diseases as well as with P. fuscipes, an insect linked with human dermatitis. 

Another study found it helpful in lowering inflammation and infection. Because it helps against viruses, fungi, and bacteria growth, wintergreen oil can be used on the body or throughout the home to eliminate contaminants. 

Put some of it in the laundry machine or scrub the toilet with it. 

  • Healing for the hair and skin

As it possesses antiseptic and astringent properties, wintergreen oil, if applied with a carrier oil onto the skin, may be of aid in resolving inflammation, blemishes, and other skin problems. It may treat acne and other skin infections. 

You can also use it on the hair to remove dandruff, bacteria, and greasiness. 

  • Digestive comfort

In small doses, wintergreen oil may boost the stomach acid and other juices beneficial for healthier digestion. 

It will also mildly elevate the production of urine, lower bloating, and detox the digestive tract. It may be of aid for relieving nausea and soothing the colon and gastric lining by decreasing muscle spasms. 

Rub it into the belly and the back to prevent cramps and ache.

  • Reduces muscle ache

Wintergreen may decrease inflammatory response and decrease swelling, pain, and infections. 

It alleviates irritation and swelling around the painful tissue, joints, and muscles. It may be a potential alternative treatment to NSAIDs.  

Massage several drops of it into the painful areas of the skin or massage the neck to relieve the muscle tension.

  • Alleviate symptoms of the cold and flu

Wintergreen leaves have an aspirin-like chemical that may decrease congestion, ache, fever, and swelling linked with common diseases. 

To breathe better, combine coconut oil and wintergreen oil and rub them onto the chest and upper back.