5 Ways to Fake It till You Make It when Sadness Comes Over

Life is busy for all of us; family, friends, work, pets, etc. We don’t even seem to have the time to be sad, right?

However, sometimes, it can become very difficult to not give in to sadness and there are moments when it’s inevitable and it wreaks havoc in our lives. 

But, there may be something we can do to overcome this fear. This requires people to “behave” their way into different thinking.

Of course, this doesn’t in no way indicate that we can wish our anxiety, fear, or depression away. Mental health disorders and chronic sadness and depression need to be addressed and you need to consult with a health professional. 

Sometimes, we can give this method a try. In fact, you can benefit from these practical ways to “fake it till you make it” when you feel sad or anxious or when there’s another problem in your life that it’s putting you down!

5 Practical Ways to “Fake It till You Make It” 

  1. Don’t forget about self-care

Taking care of yourself is pivotal for staying healthy and keeping sadness and negative thoughts away. 

This includes getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating healthy food, and exercising. 

Spend time outside in the sun as much as possible because you need that vitamin D which is a natural antidepressant. 

  1. Get out of bed

For some people, especially those dealing with depression, the simple act of getting up in the mornings is the hardest task. 

These people feel inclined to remain in bed, away from the world. 

Their bed is cozy and comfy and there is no judgment in the bedroom. But, this can trap you. 

Whenever you get out of bed, you’re fighting to live another day. Getting up from bed is one step further and it helps you to stop the endless ruminations. 

  1. Keep an active mind

When we’re sad and depressed, our biggest enemy is the brain. 

The brain will buy into all those sad stories about yourself and support you in thinking you’re not good, you have no friends, or you’re bad at your job. 

But, our thoughts aren’t necessarily the truth. 

The truth is much different, but the brain doesn’t know it. It makes up the worst case scenarios in an effort to protect you. 

This is why you should keep the brain active with some other nourishing activities like doing yoga, meditation, exercise, reading, etc.

  1. Journaling is awesome

Journaling is a great way to expose those negative thoughts. Yes, you read correctly. Our negative thoughts are four times more potent in our head than they’re when we speak them out or write them down.  

This is why we feel better when we share our worries with someone. Even when the problem isn’t solved, keeping everything inside can only make things more complicated. 

  1. Spend time with good friends

Your environment plays a pivotal role in your mental health. Spend time with people in your life who lift you up and avoid the toxic ones who only add to your sadness. 

Keep a distance from people who’re trying to talk you out of your sadness by telling you that you’re making things up. 

Surround yourself with good and kind listeners. Even if this is only one trusted person, choose him/her.