The Revealing Signs of a Dark Empath: The Most Dangerous Personality Type?

Empathy symbolizes love, care, compassion, and consideration. In short, it’s a human’s capacity to do better and expect better.

Empathy is crucial for ending all cruelty and aggression in the world. In fact, the common belief is that people with dark personality traits like sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths lack empathy.

Empaths are said to be people who don’t have dark traits and that they possess positive personality traits only. 

But, new research comes to shock us and tells us a different story! Being an empath isn’t always a positive thing! 

Let’s learn more. 

Signs of a Dark Empath: The Most Dangerous Personality?

In the last years, several studies focused on personality traits have hypothesized that there’s a new type of personality, both interesting and revolutionary.

They call it a dark empath. These people may seem good at a first sight; however, they can be as dangerous as narcissists. They have dark traits and a capacity to understand others’ emotions too. They’re said to be experts in emotional manipulation.

Although it may seem like a dark empath is something new or different, it’s not. In fact, this type of personality has long been present in cinema and literature.

These are the mysterious or evil characters who at the end of the story turn out to be people with good hearts.

If you’re wondering whether there’s a dark empath in your life, make sure you check out the revealing signs below!

  • Highly extroverted

A dark empath is a person with open behavior and an extroverted personality. 

They’re socially skilled and never back away from telling the world about their views, perspectives, and thoughts. 

You can’t push them over easily and they’re capable of understanding others’ emotional states. However, unlike a good empath, this person will exploit this ability.

  • They want power 

Most people like power and being in charge. 

However, in dark empaths, this need for power dominates. They want to lead all the time and avoid following others. 

They want to be acknowledged as bosses, but they don’t necessarily have the skills necessary for a real leader. 

In a way, they want others to know they’re the ones in charge; however, when the time comes for finishing their duties, they try to avoid it as much as they can.

  • They’re narcissistic 

Dark empaths have a narcissistic side. 

And, this could be shown on their surface or it’s hidden deep inside. 

They tend to get hurt pretty easily when they hear negative comments about them. And, they don’t do well with rejections in general. 

Their pride is above all else and they often think they’re superior. 

  • They’re emotional manipulators

Dark empaths are skilled at emotional manipulation. They understand others’ emotions and then use this to their advantage. 

For them, empathy helps them reach their goals. They don’t necessarily hurt people like psychopaths; however, they can persuade people easily so that they accomplish their goals.

  • They’re talented

Not everything about dark empaths is negative. In fact, they have several positive traits, including their multiple talents. 

They make great decisions when necessary and can connect with people easily. They will pursue their goals and desires using their leadership skills.