A Woman at the Beach Meets a Dog Who Doesn’t Stop Staring Out to Sea & Learns Why

If you’ve seen Hachiko (we’re sure you have if you’re a dog lover!), you know how sensitive animals are and their ability to express grief and sadness.

Although dogs aren’t able to understand absence like humans do, they’re not immune to the changes happening when their favorite human is no longer around.

In fact, they notice, through their strong senses of smell and sight, that their favorite member of the pack isn’t present.

Barbara J. King, professor emerita of anthropology at William and Mary College, notes that the definition of grief is seeing the distress in the surviving animal manifesting through a different attitude from their usual.

The Beautiful Dog that Could Not Stop Looking Out at the Sea

Jolie Mejia, who lives in Peru decided to make a road trip and visit Punta Negra, a small seaside community, together with her family.

When they arrived and went to the beach and settled down, she noticed there was a lovely dog nearby, but the dog’s gaze was constantly out into the sea. She and her family wondered why he was all by himself.

They learned that he wasn’t probably abandoned since he had a ribbon around his neck. His fur was also tidy and he looked clean.

She petted him for a while and waited together with him for the owner to call him, but several minutes passed by and no one came. 

Although he came to cuddle with Mejia and her family, his gaze remained fixed on the ocean. Mejia began feeling sorry for the beautiful dog who was obviously waiting for someone who wasn’t coming.

Mejia started to talk with her family about adopting the dog and taking it home with them. They decided to ask around some locals whether they know the dog and if it has an owner or not.

One of the locals told her the real story of the dog who was looking out into the sea. This broke Mejia’s heart and made her appreciate him even more.

The Heartbreaking & Emotional Story of the Dog Staring Out into the Sea

One of the locals knew the dog. 

He told Mejia and her family that practically everyone around there knows Vaguito, as his name is. He revealed to them that Vaguito’s owner was a fisherman; however, he passed away some time ago. 

But, his faithful companion still comes to the beach every day and stares out into the sea, hoping his owner comes.

The man also told them that he wasn’t on his own and that one woman was taking care of Vaguito. Mejia and her family left Punta Negra without a new family member that they all fell in love with; however, she’s happy that he’s not alone.

Mejia says that his story will stay with her and her family for a long time. They learned a story of love in its purest form which warmed their hearts.