Add These Six Foods to Your Diet & Watch Your Prostate Health Improve Significantly

Our diet influences our health, including that of men’s prostate.

When men consume prostate-friendly foods in their diet, they may lower the chances of prostate complications like prostate cancer.

The American Cancer Society notes that this type of cancer is the most common among men. It happens to one in eight men in the US.

Although the role of diet in the health of the prostate isn’t entirely known, there are a couple of theories. In fact, experts claim that a diet rich in sugar or fat may increase the risk of this cancer.

Moreover, several studies have linked diets high in dairy and a higher calcium consumption with a higher risk of prostate tumors. 

But, there’s a need for additional research to confirm this connection. With this in mind, men can support their prostate health by adding certain foods to their diet.

Check out the best ones below.

Six Helpful Foods for a Healthier Prostate 

  1. Broccoli 

This veggie is abundant in complex compounds that may reduce the risk of cancer. Studies point out that there’s a connection between the number of cruciferous veggies that people consume and a lower risk of prostate cancer. 

The reasons aren’t entirely clear; however, some note that it may have to do with the phytochemicals they contain. 

Namely, they target and destroy cancerous cells whereas they don’t affect healthy cells. 

Other cruciferous veggies that you can add are cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, and cabbage. 

  1. Tomatoes

Some veggies and fruits, like tomatoes, contain a potent antioxidant known as lycopene. According to research, a diet abundant in it may decrease the chance of prostate cancer. In one review of 24 studies, research indicated that men who consumed more tomatoes had a lower likelihood of prostate cancer. 

Lycopene may minimize the damage inflicted on the cells and slow down the production of cancer cells.

Being an antioxidant, it prevents cell damage. However, since it’s attached to the cell walls of raw tomatoes, the body doesn’t have an easy time extracting it. 

Therefore, better options may be cooked or pureed tomato products. 

  1. Legumes 

Legumes like lentils and beans are rich in phytoestrogens, biologically active plant compounds. 

In one review, those who consumed the most phytoestrogens experienced a 20 percent drop in the risk of prostate cancer than the group who consumed them the least. 

The anticancer properties of phytoestrogens may come from the antioxidant characteristics and effects they have on the regulation of hormones and cell death. 

  1. Pomegranate juice

Rich in antioxidants, this juice may help lower the risk of chronic illnesses associated with oxidative stress. 

According to the NCI, this juice and the bioactive components it contains may impede prostate cancer cell proliferation. 

In animal and test-tube studies, it’s been found to prevent the production of certain prostate cancer cells. 

However, more research on humans is necessary to confirm this. 

  1. Green tea

For thousands of years, people have been consuming green tea to benefit from it in various ways. 

And, research has been done on the link between its consumption and the reduced risk of cancer. 

According to evidence, its special compounds may lower the risk of prostate tumors by affecting the growth of tumors, death of cells, and hormone signaling. 

Opt for a cup of warm green tea in the mornings or consume it cooled down with ice cubes and enjoy it as a cooling summer drink. 

  1. Fish

The Western diet is abundant in omega 6s, but not a lot of omega 3s. 

Yet, a balance between these fatty acids is pivotal for optimal health. 

And, some reviews have found a link between increased omega 3s intake and a lower risk of prostate cancer and prostate cancer mortality. 

However, more research on humans is necessary to determine if this is the case. You can get omega 3s from fatty fish from cold waters like mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, and herring.