Nursing Home Had to Apologize after Hiring a Stripper for Its Residents

One Tai nursing home had to release an apology after they hired a stripper to perform for their residents, most of who are in wheelchairs, and the video of the event was shared online.

The home, Taoyuan Veterans Home, is a state-operated facility where retired army personnel resides. 

The managers paid for an adult entertainer for a performance as part of the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a very important holiday in Chinese culture.

A video by the event shows the stripper dancing for the elderly residents in wheelchairs. Although they looked like they were having a good time, the home got a lot of criticism from people who saw the video and disagreed with hiring a stripper for the elderly!

Nursing Home Accidentally Organizes a Stripping Session for Its Residents

In the video which went viral, the dancer is performing for a dozen of men in wheelchairs. And, they’re enjoying it a lot. They’re clapping, laughing, and enjoying the performance. 

One of the elderly men even got a lapdance from the stripper who was dressed provocatively! After the video was released online, the nursing home received a lot of backlash due to organizing such a show. 

As a result, the representatives issued an apology.

It said that their only aim was to entertain their residents and make them happy. 

They’re really sorry for any offense caused. According to a spokesman for the residency, the celebrations for the holiday were canceled in the previous years due to the pandemic.

“We Wanted to Lift Our Residents’ Spirits”, Said the Spokesperson for the Nursing Home

This year, their goal was to lift the spirits of their residents and it seems they did a pretty good job, although not everyone agreed. They also explained in the apology that they will be much more careful in the future. 

People in the comment section stated their opinion. 

Many of them condemned this type of entertainment for the residents of this nursing home. Others supported it, claiming there’s nothing wrong with these elderly men having a good time.

One person wrote:

“Really! Why would they think that something like this would be appropriate for everyone in this audience?”

They disagreed and found this event ridiculous and stupid. They emphasized that they need to be treated with respect, dignity, and honor. 

Another one claimed:

“God forbid these men get one last interaction with a scantily-clad woman before their quickly-approaching demise.” 

One user agreed that the grandpas were enjoying themselves and mentioned how everyone was clapping and having fun.