Longest Walkable Distance on Earth: No One Is Known to Have Completed This Trail

Did you know that the longest walkable distance is so long that no one has tried to complete it yet?

In fact, if one decides to take on this walking adventure, one will need to walk for 187 days non-stop to get to the end. 

This trail spreads from Cape Town in South Africa all the way to Magadan in east Russia.

Plenty of individuals have walked through different areas of this trail; however, no one has yet walked it in its entirety, from one to the other end.

The Trail Has Recently Gone Viral Thanks to TikTok

Although this trail has been there for years and challenged a lot of walkers to try it out, it has only recently sparked attention thanks to a TikTok video shared by user @sherifelsahly. 

Namely, this user explained that the trail is 13,910 miles long. And, this would require walking 4500 hours to get from point A to point B.

Or, in days, a person would need 187 days to finish the route. Considering the number of challenges associated with taking on this trail, to this day, no one has reported walking it from the start to the end.

If one decides to walk for eight hours daily, they will need more than a year to finish the trail or 562 days. More than 20,000 TikTok users have watched the video and some of the comments are really funny.

Some users joked that this is the trail their parents used to walk when going to school back. Others said this is the distance their parents talk about when they’re telling them how they used to walk to their schools.

Although this trail hasn’t been yet walked by a person, other long trails have been walked by different people throughout the world. 

For example, Dave Kunst was the first individual to finish a whole circuit of the Earth on foot. He began in the 70s in June and completed the 14,450-mile-long route four years later.

Another reported longest distance walked by a person is that of Arthus Blessitt. This man walked around 40,000 miles in the last five decades.

He’s been to every continent and country. He’s a preacher of Christianity and carries a large cross. He’s in his eighth decade of life. In the past five decades, he has been through the world several times.

The longest route in the world isn’t for people with weak hearts considering the amount of physical and psychological preparedness it requires. 

From the harshest of rainforests to the coldest of places, you’ll meet practically every type of weather on this route.