7-Zero-Calorie Sweeteners that Do Not Contribute to Cancer

A lot of you will agree: there’s nothing better than satisfying your cravings for sweets with a tasty sweet treat, especially after a long day.

However, a lot of us are unable to keep doing this, particularly if we’re trying to become more cautious about our intake of sugar or if we were advised by our physician to reduce our sugar intake because of our health. 

If this is the case, it’s important not to panic. In fact, you may be able to still enjoy your favorite sweets, drinks, and snacks using adequate sweeteners that are free of calories and made of natural ingredients.

Not All Sweeteners Are Good for You: Some Are Actually Very Bad

The bad news is that plenty of popular artificial sweeteners used today have been associated with a higher risk of cancer in one research.

The study published in 2022 in the PLOS Medicine journal pointed out that sucralose, acesulfame-K, and aspartame are artificial sweeteners that may elevate one’s risk of cancer. 

Though there’s no guarantee of these risks, a lot of us will do our best to reduce or stop using these sweeteners and not risk our health.

If you’ve been consuming some of these sweeteners and you’re worried about their negative effects on your well-being, it’s good to know that there are a lot of healthier, zero-calorie sweetener alternatives that you can consume instead.

They’re made of natural ingredients and haven’t been connected to cancer or some other diseases. Below, check out the top seven sweeteners that are free of calories and you needn’t worry about your health if you add them to your diet!

7 Best Zero-Calorie Sweeteners Currently

  1. Stevia Clear Liquid Extract

A lot of brands offer sweeteners in the form of liquid drops. They’re suitable and practical for a variety of drinks, including tea, water, juice, and coffee. 

This one is made using natural flavors and stevia. The brand also provides conversion measurements if you’ve recently switched from regular sugar to drops. 

  1. NOW Foods Monk Fruit Liquid Sweetener

If you prefer liquid sweeteners, you’ll love this one. They’re certified organic and made of monk fruit extract and 11 percent cane alcohol. 

You get approximately 268 servings per bottle and the price is around $9, which is differently a bargain!

  1. Truvia’s Stevia

This popular brand sells stevia and products from monk fruit. Their stevia is packed in sachets and it’s made of stevia, natural flavors, and erythritol. 

You can also buy this sweetener in jars. It’s a practical packaging that you can set on your counter and use for drinks, baking goods, etc.

  1. Thrive Market’s Stevia 

This stevia sweetener comes in 75 separate single-use packages which you can open and add to your oatmeal, coffee or combine with fruits. 

It’s free of calories and contains inulin, a prebiotic, and silica, a mineral compound that is safe for consumption according to the FDA.

  1. Monk Fruit in the Raw

Monk fruit is a vine plant that grows in China. This sweetener is a combination of monk fruit extract, erythritol, and maltodextrin. 

It’s awesome for cooking and baking and the measurements are the same as that of regular sugar.

  1. Classic Monk Fruit Sweetener by Lakanto

This monk fruit sweetener has no calories and it’s a classic replacement for white sugar. You can also choose other replacements like raw cane, brown sugar, or powdered sugar. 

All of them are made using monk fruit. This sweetener also contains erythritol. 

  1. Stevia in the Raw

The stevia sweeteners are made from a plant known as candy plant or stevia rebaudiana bertoni. This product uses stevia exclusively, without any added sweeteners or flavors. 

You can choose between a box with single-use packets, tablets, or a baker’s bag.